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Grain Handling Facility Construction

We have successfully negotiated over 95% of our work with previous customers

Frisbie Construction Co., Inc. has done grain handling facility construction for customers in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado and Missouri, since 1949, including providing and installing machinery for new construction, renovation and repairs of commercial grain and material handling systems.

We provide custom fabrication at our manufacturing plant, developing innovative items of machinery for grain and material handling systems. In addition, we fabricate many pieces of machinery at our manufacturing plant to provide the customer with greater control and reliability in their project. Our experienced drafting department, collaborating with trusted qualified engineers, can design any project to meet our customers’ needs.

We have been very aware of the need to develop people that have the ability and desire to continue the management practices that have made Frisbie Construction Co., Inc. successful. This is accomplished by careful selection and training of employees. While our employees work in their specialized field, they are encouraged to develop their leadership capabilities and understanding of the management practices that will provide continuity to Frisbie Construction Co., Inc., and provide a benefit to our customers, in the future.

Of note:

  • At Frisbie, we have developed our own superintendents. Each superintendent has been trained in the field, starting at the base level of construction labor and advancing into his current position. To that end, each superintendent has broad experience in all phases of the grain handling and construction industry. Each superintendent is assigned to a project that he is qualified to build, and each project is checked weekly by our Operations Department. The average tenure of our superintendents is in excess of 20 years.
  • Developed our sales engineers. All salesmen started as laborers, advanced to superintendents, and then were promoted into the Sales Department.

We provide Builder’s Risk Insurance in the amount of the contract, Worker’s Compensation insurance, and Comprehensive General Liability insurance. We are bonded for maximum protection. We offer a 3-year workmanship guarantee. Emergency crews are available upon request.